It all started when…

I picked up my Opa’s old Canon Rebel camera my freshman year of high school and started taking photos any chance I got. It was really just me taking photos of my sister in our backyard and editing them with crappy Instagram filters (hey, we all gotta start somewhere) but I loved being behind the camera and letting my creativity run wild. Fast forward seven(ish) years and my hobby has grown into a career I love more and more everyday.

I graduated from Ball State University in 2018 with a degree in photojournalism + digital storytelling and while a traditional newsroom job wasn’t for me, my love for telling people’s story definitely was. Each couple, senior, family, and individual that gets in front of the camera is unique and their photos should be too. I don’t want to give you cookie cutter photos that look just like everyone else’s. I want to capture those in-between moments of your mom with tears slowly rolling down her cheek as you walk down the aisle or the emotion as you share your excitement that you got accepted into your dream college. Your moments deserve to be documented so you can relive them over and over again.

My home base is currently in Muncie, Indiana but I love traveling throughout the Midwest + beyond. If you’re down for a little adventure and a whole lotta moody vibes, let’s grab coffee and start telling your story!


My Heck Yeahs

- overcast days
- pineapple pizza
- pop punk music (it wasn’t a phase)
- oversized sweatshirts + sweaters (that photo is pretty much my daily uniform)
- Traveling (I always have to be planning a new trip)
- tulips
- the pacific northwest (oregon will be my home someday!)

My Heck nos

- mac & cheese (i love pasta but can’t do this)
- snow
- the instagram algorithm (what even is happening anymore?)
- pizza king pizza (i’ll probably lose some clients for this one)
- “it’ll be good exposure”


speaking of travel…Of course I’m already planning my big trips of 2019. Let’s chat if you’d be interested in booking a session at any of these places!

Holland, MI • northern michigan • asheville, nc • manteo, nc • the great smoky mountains • chicago, il • arizona

let’s be social