I never realized how much my life would change the first time I picked up my Opa's old Canon Rebel XT and took my first picture. Granted, it wasn't a good shot. I didn't understand lighting or camera functions or how to edit a picture properly (unless you call just adding a filter "editing properly"). Even with my little to no understanding of photography, I did know one thing: I loved what I was doing.

I loved the world around me. I loved creating concepts and meaning behind the shots I created. I loved being crazy and doing crazy things in order to have a unique picture I could look back to years later. I learned what techniques worked and what didn't. I learned to use lighting and that editing is really cool once you know how to do it. I learned that I had so much I didn't know, but that didn't stop me. I kept on snapping pictures because it was the only thing that felt right to me. It's the only thing that still does.

As I've grown up, I've realized there's more to photography than just a collection of pictures. It's a story, a history, frozen forever in time. Something to go back to when our memories fail us and the people in those pictures cease to exist. My childhood love holds more meaning to me now than ever before, and each day I am so thankful that I never put that camera back down.

Through my work I hope to share my adventures, interests and unseen wonders to those who are willing to see them. I want to be a part of others' lives as they capture memories and celebrations to hold onto for a lifetime. I thank you for taking the time to support my work and helping me along the way as I continue to do the one thing I know best.



Look up more than down. See more than say. Listen more than speak. Hope more than dread. Believe more than criticize. Yes more than no. No more than maybe. Laugh more than cry. Love more than hate. See. More. See. // Tyler Knott Gregson



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