A little late with a post this week, but this week's prompt was a shoot in the library. I grabbed my friend Hannah and we went to the top floor of the library to get some shots and try to not get kicked out for laughing too much (we didn't though so it's all good!).

I've always wanted to have a shoot in the library, but just never got around to it, so I was very excited to finally be crossing this location off the list. That excitement faded quickly after I took the first shot and realized the lighting was awful. Everything was orange or sickly green and no amount of white balance seemed to be helping. The concept was awesome and Hannah was great, but the technicalities were not working in my favor.

To save my pictures, I had to edit and edit. Most of them I ended up making black & white, which I personally love. Others I left in color, which I just edited until I liked them. Indoor lighting is definitely something I need to work with more!


All in all, I still like the results even if it didn't go exactly how I planned. It was still fun and I learned more of what works and what doesn't. Also if anyone wants to look at some really old books that probably haven't been touched for years, I recommend taking a trip to the back of the fourth floor of Bracken. It's great.

Until my next adventure...    


In the end, we'll all become stories. // Margaret Atwood

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