This week is the first post about my adventures for my Intro to Photojournalism class. My personal project fell through this week...the topic I drew was "color manipulation" which is a concept I love...if I could think of a really cool way to portray it. After a busy week of taking pictures for Ball Bearings, cramming in last minute homework, rushing to meetings, and having little to no inspiration for my topic, I decided to put that one back in the jar to be pulled out for another time.

Instead, I'm going to focus on the assignment I had for my photojourn class. This week we were to supposed to focus on composition, which turned into another dead end for me when it came to coming up with how to execute this assignment. One of my editors said the Architecture building had some unique things that could work for this assignment, so I decided to take a trip to the College of Architecture and Planning (CAP) to see what I could do.

Before this week, I had never stepped foot into CAP (and I'm not an architecture major so why would I need to?), but one step in the door I knew I'd definitely be back. It has a very open concept, with a big staircase and a wall of windows that brought in wonderful natural light. After taking in all the new sights, I just started shooting not really having any idea what I was going to do. 

These were my results. Since I wanted to focus more on the architectural side, I chose to edit them black & white.  I don't really know how many apply to the "Composition" assignment, but I'm pretty in love with all of them. I loved going somewhere new and realizing how amazing it looked, just another location to add to the mental list of places I need to have a shoot at! I can't wait to find other unique places on campus as my college career continues.

This coming week I should be back into my personal projects and maybe some updates on other projects in the process. Until then..



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