Into the Woods

Yes, I know it's been a few weeks since my last post and my weekly project has fallen through after a short two months, but with the warmer weather, a new 50mm f1.8 lens, and my growing understanding of Photoshop & Lightroom I'm finally getting back into the excitement of photography. 

For this shoot, we went to Minnetrista, a nature area that offers tons of wonderful scenery and is perfect for picture taking. All my years of living in the same place, I've never taken the time to really see all Minnetrista has to offer, and each time I go back I find more that I love. This visit was on a very overcast and rainy day, which made the bare trees and dark skies look like something straight out of a scary movie (and my sister was creating one as we continued finding good "murder novel" places). The atmosphere really helped develop these photos and I stuck to darker tones while editing. Overall, I'm in love with them all and I hope to go back again when it's dark and dreary, except maybe a time when it won't start raining on us.

Most of these were shot with a 50mm, which I am falling in love with more and more everyday. There were a couple shot with a 18-55mm all taken with a Canon 7d Mark II. All edited with Lightroom CC. Shout out to my sister for getting some good shots of me.

If it doesn't rain all week like it's supposed to, I plan on getting out to shoot more so be on the lookout for more posts soon!



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