Late Nite Carnival

Vibrant flashing lights, lines of greasy food trucks, the smell of elephant ears (along with every other deep fried thing that shouldn't exist) and the sound of terrified screams from high in the air -- the carnival in all it's glory.

Ball State had it's annual Late Nite Carnival yesterday from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. and it's probably one of the best things that comes to campus. Along with the rides and carnival games that most of my quarters went to, there was also live music, caricature drawing, henna, a flame thrower, mimes and stilt walkers. What more could a college student want?

Other then spending $3 on a caramel apple and fearing for my life sitting in the front row of the Fire Ball (10/10 would recommend but I was definitely a part of the terrified screaming), it was a super fun night. I'm already excited for next year's.

Like always, here are some pics from the night. They were all shot with a Canon 7D Mark ii and 30mm f1.4.  

For even more carnival pics, make sure you head over to the Ball State Daily News here.





Reagan Allen