I always love finding new spots to shoot since I tend to only go to the same three places whenever I have a session. Tuesday I dragged my sister (I don't think she's sick of modeling just yet) to a new place I found a few days before when on a walk on the Cardinal Greenway. Let me just say it was perfect.

The first time I found this spot I fell in love. It's right on the river and has a big graffiti wall that's perfect for portraits. The entire setting was beautiful, and I was so happy with the images straight from the camera. I even shot some with my 30mm f/1.4 (which I never do), tried freelensing, and used a prism (not the best results because I got one that was too small, but it's a start!). 

I've seen myself grow tremendously as a photographer over the past year, especially in my editing skills. With this set of photos, I tried using some new presets for Lightroom and tweaked them until I fell in love. I'm really proud of the outcome and for this next season of sessions. So here's what I've got! 


Reagan Allen