Be Here Now | St. Patrick's Day Shows

It's been a couples weeks since my last post, so I thought it'd be good to fill it with something a little different than my normal portrait work. Last night I covered a show at a local music bar called Be Here Now located just in the Village of Ball State's campus. I've shot shows here numerous times before and love being able to see new local bands that I wouldn't usually be exposed to.

Be Here Now is a very simple, very small venue so I've always struggled with getting interesting images that don't all look the same. The lighting is dim except for random colored flashing lights and the bands can barely move around without kicking over the mics. But with the help of a little long exposures and a cheap $28 flash, a little photo magic can happen.

This was one of the most successful sessions I've had using long exposures. The colors turned out so beautifully and I love being able to experiment with movement and light. I can't wait to get back out and cover more local shows soon!


Reagan Allen