A [Short] Break from Portraits

It's been awhile since I've taken skating photos, but yesterday I had a free afternoon so I tagged along with my boyfriend, Thomas, and his friend, Chase, to get a little more practice.

The struggle I had with these photos was this hole-in-the-wall place was not lit very well and skateboarders move quickly. I didn't get very many good action shots, but I still loved getting photos of some of the details instead. The photos naturally had a grainier look as well that I try to stay away from, but felt it fit perfectly with what I was trying to capture. 

Taking a break from portraits for a day felt good, but I'm so excited for this next month! Some things to look forward to are two weddings, prom minis, family sessions, more shows with the record label I work with, some class projects and a couple collab shoots. I'm currently stressed about it all, but so happy that this photo slump is finally over!


Reagan Allen