Konner + Samantha

A few months ago, I explored an abandoned factory with a fellow photographer, Bradley Jones, and my favorite dancers, Konner and Samantha. We took some awesome dance photos that I have FINALLY gotten around to editing. The past few months have been pretty busy and I'm glad that I finally have some time to go back through my old work.

Abandoned, old places are hands down the coolest places for photos and I loved being able to incorporate dance into them as well. Going through these make me miss my dance years!

I can't wait to go back and find even more places like this! Dancers -- if you are looking to get portraits or have a senior session that includes some dance shots I would LOVE to work with you! I can never get enough of these types of sessions!


Hold my hand, you can follow my lead. You're like a ballerina twirling around on your feet, and watching is so fantastic. I want to ask you. Would you come here and spin with me? I've been dying to get you dizzy. Find a way up into your head. So I can make you feel like new again. // Turnover

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