Month in Review: February

We're almost halfway into March which seems like a perfect time to finally post all my photo adventures for the month of February!

The winter months tend to be the slowest time of the year for my business, since everything is cold and dead and not ideal for beautiful golden hour photos that the summer + fall bring. It usually leaves me unmotivated, disappointed, and creatively dead. Thankfully, even though this month I've still felt all these things, I've been able to overcome these stumbling blocks and continued to create work I'm incredibly proud of. Stepping away from my business for a bit has allowed me to refocus on what I want this year to look like for my sessions + clients and to take some time to work on bigger personal projects - along with catch up on school work that I seem to always be behind in.

So here are some of my favorite highlights from the month!


February meet-up

Skin care lighting assignment

Go Nuts for Doughtnuts

cue the valentine vibes

I always tell myself each year when a holiday comes around I'm going to do themed photoshoots and after successfully doing Christmas and New Year's Eve, I had to go big for Valentine's Day. Thankfully, I have a photographer best friend who's just as passionate as me when it comes to creating the cutest sessions. Together, we planned and shot 3 different pink + love themed sessions to celebrate the season. It might have been a little extra, but we aren't the type of people to pass up good photoshoot ideas.

For my photo illustration class, we had another assignment where we had to show off some V-day chocolates, so here's Valentine's Day shoot number 4!

Until Death Do Us Part

This month, I also got to do my first big photoshoot for my internship with Pattern Magazine! I am in love with how this entire session turned out and so blessed to have the opportunity to fill my portfolio with work that showcases models, local makeup artists + hair stylists, and designer clothing. So here's V-day shoot number 5!

A day downtown


Good'ol Family

Sweater Weather

A mix of everything

Denim on denim on denim

You made it to the end! These posts are always so long, but I love taking the time to look back on what I accomplished each month. Give this post some love if you made it this far, and stay tuned for more blog posts this month with full galleries from some of these shoots!



Reagan Allen