A letter to my best friend

Dear Sam,

I've put off writing this for as long as I could, half due to the fact I procrastinate literally everything and the other half was me not wanting to accept the fact that you would soon be living almost 1,800 miles away. But as much as I wish this day wouldn't come, it has. We've said our last goodbyes for now and you are on your way to starting a new adventure out in Arizona.

When I got to college, I didn't think I would find someone who was like me in every single way. From photography to dreams of being Insta famous to our never-ending obsession with All Time Low, it seems like our list of similar interests and loves grows daily. I still can't believe we grew up in the same town living minutes apart and only found each other three years ago. But I thank God that our paths finally crossed and I get to call you my best friend.


You've been my biggest inspiration, supporter, and critic - I can truly say I would not be the person or photographer I am today if I didn't have you. You've gone along with all my crazy ideas and have never said no to an adventure. Thank you for waking up at 4 a.m. to watch the sunrise over waterfalls and chasing pink skies until the sun set. Thank you for all the amazing collab sessions we've packed in and taking the time to make each one better than the last. Thank you for spending way too many hours in the studio. Thank you for driving to Ohio with me to take photos at a really lame show (I'm still sorry about that). Thank you for helping me find my style. Thank you for understanding my goals + dreams and encouraging me to follow them. Thank you for being one of the only people who can take good photos of me. Thank you for listening to all the complaints I have about being a photographer + owning a business but in the end always reminding me why I do what I do. The list of "thank you's" could literally go on for days but I'll just end it by saying thank you for everything. 

I am so extremely proud of you. It takes a lot of guts to pack up your life and move it across the country, especially when it means leaving some of the people you love behind. You are one of the most talented and motivated individuals I've met and I know that you'll be successful in everything you do. I'll miss having you by my side at photo shoots and all the late-night pizza parties, but I am so excited to see what this new adventure brings for you (and just a little jealous I can't go with you but don't worry, I'll book a flight out there soon). I can't wait to see all your gorgeous photos and hear all the stories when you get those connections with our fav west coast photogs. Go get'em young renegade. I love you to the moon and back.

Your twin and best friend, 



"Dreams don't always have to exist when the sun's down and your eyes are shut." ALEX GASKARTH

Reagan Allen