Tips for New Photographers

Directing and coming up with a concept for a photoshoot can be a fun a great learning experience for any new photographers. Finally being able to make the ideas in your head become reality is a feeling like no other. But getting there is not always as easy as it seems. So here’s 3 tips to keep in mind while directing a shoot to make it run smoothly, but have a fun time doing it.

1. Have a theme / location in mind

This is the fun part. If you’re trying to plan a photoshoot, you probably have a creative mind. This can be a really good trait to have, but don’t get lost or spend too much time thinking about all the possibilities and routes you could take for this one shoot. Make a list of your favorite ideas and choose one and you can come back to the other ideas for another shoot. For me, I noticed that there was a lot of construction was being done on my campus and so that’s what I decided to go with.

Finding a location for my theme was easy, but it isn’t always easy and it may require you to put off certain ideas until you can find a location that can offer you what you want.

2. Find a model

This step isn’t too hard. People love getting photos of themselves, especially for free. Posting a simple Instagram story with the location feature is a way to meet new models and get your name out there. If more than one person responds to your story, go through and try to find someone who looks like they could fit the aesthetic of the shoot.

(ps. Asking good friends is a simple way to get models. Branch out and shoot with people you haven’t before. Plus it grows your network.)

3. Use your surroundings

So you’ve started shooting. You’ve gotten a lot of good shots, but you’re running out of ideas. Look around! You don’t have to stick exactly to your theme or idea. If you see a cool building, go tell your model to pose in front of it. If you see a nearby field, go into it. While I had a construction theme in mind, I couldn’t refuse some shots in some nice greenery. Don’t pass up the opportunity for cool shots because you think you need to have one path in mind.

Hopefully these tips will help you if you’re thinking about styling a photoshoot. Overall, don’t be afraid to get outside of the box to the photos you want.

Extra tip: Make sure your memory card has enough space...It really helps.

This post + photoshoot were done by Mason Pippenger, summer intern for Reagan Lynn Photography. Models: Bailey + Winter