Meet My Interns

This summer, I decided to try something new and have interns! I needed a little extra help with my business and wanted to help some newer photographers get started on building a better portfolio and be confident in their work. I've already loved the work these two have been doing and I can't wait to see what they create this summer!


Mason Pippenger

Mason is a junior at Ball State University majoring in Magazine Journalism with a minor in Professional Writing and Digital Media.


What inspired you to start photography? Honestly, Instagram did. I saw that people could take amazing photos just with their iPhones, so I started doing it and eventually really got into it.

What is your favorite thing to capture? People, but telling a story or a deeper meaning with them.

What is a goal you have for this internship? Build my portfolio, start a website, learn how to grow professionally

Who are your favorite photographers/instagrammers?

  • Kyle Krieger (@kylekrieger) My self-portrait king, very interesting poses and uses of light
  • Luke Austin (@lukeaustinphoto) Takes stunning pure photos of the LGBTQ+ community, many being people of color
  • David Uzochukwu (@daviduzochukwu) He has a very creative mind, with portraits and with just anything he produces.  Very vivid and entrancing photos that are hard to forget. Also his editing is very cool.
  • Ben Sasso (@bensasso) Uses such interesting poses and his use of props is funny and very creative. Also, his theme is perfect.
  • Petra Collins @(petrafcollins) One of my favorite all-time photographers. Has her own very unique and feminine style with photos and videos and it’s gotten her big places.

What’s your dream career? Being a creative director for a magazine

Favorite place to travel/take photos? Anywhere outside

Interesting fact about you? One time I broke my neck and didn’t know for 3 days


Sidny Grow

Sidny is a sophomore at Ball State University majoring in Business Administration.


What inspired you to start photography? I’m not really sure what inspired me to start, I just always loved the idea that I could freeze time.

Who are your favorite photographers/Instagrammers? I don’t really have favorites.. I just like photos that make me happy. I admire Meg Bitton because of her work ethic, as in she’s always coming out with new workshops to help people learn.  Annie Leibovitz…because obviously. She’s taken so many iconic images!!!

What is your favorite thing to capture? Seniors and engagements

What is a goal you have for this internship? Just to be more confident in my work.

What’s your dream career? Owning my own studio would be pretty cool.

Favorite place to travel/take photos? I don’t travel as much as I would like to, however I do visit Florida every summer with my family. Dream vacation has got to be to Alaska. I want to hike to the magic bus along the Stampede trail where Chris McCandless died (who Into the Wild was about).  I don’t think I really have a favorite place to take photos.

Interesting fact about you? Two things: First, I’m actually named after Sidney Prescott in the movie Scream. Second thing, I’m a Certified Radio Operator, and I have my own nightly show on a commercial radio station!